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Default Re: White Farmer Set on Fire in Zimbabwe

Akbar wrote:
Why blacks are always counted on to take the higher moral ground? When will whites "forgive and forget"? One way to start is for whites around the world to rally together pool resources together and help rebuild Zimbabwe for the future of both blacks and whites in that country. After all it was the whites who raped, robbed, and killed the natives. I know this is too hard for whites to do. I guess only the blacks with weak minds under the influence of Mugabe can be counted on to fogive and forget. The whites with strong minds apparently do not have this in their nature.
True true... This has been an on-going debate.

The fact is that NOBODY IS RESPONSABLE. These generations are gone. I may be white, but I am certainly not responsible for rape, robbery or murder! So neither am I responsible for the colonization of Zim (though Iím not from Africa originally). All I did was come into this world. I havenít done anything wrong, so is it necessary for me to carry the burden of the past within my conscience just because of the colour of my skin?

I agree that we need to rally together and pull Zimbabwe (and other countries) out of the dust, yet not as 'WHITES', but as FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.

There are people of all colours who will not forgive and forget, and these people are all simply pathetic, nothing more.

Thumper wrote:

Aren't national borders a form of segregation? How about private property? Doors to your bedroom?

Let's be rational for a moment. If this is what both parties desire, and NEED, and will result in less violence/murder then let nature take its course.
Yes, most forms of borders are forms of segregation. These we will have to deal with at a later stage, because if we canít tolerate someone because of his colour, then we cant do much else in this arena.

Itís not natural at all. It has been implemented for the purpose of control. Separation would be a 'quick fix', and would do more damage in the end. America has done this throughout history. Why do you think it is in such a knot? It is because it has slopped new foundations over old ones, instead of re-building, which is why it is so unstable.

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