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Default Re: Between the burning cross and the rebel flag.

Akbar wrote:
Jesus is Jewish, but whites separate him from being Jewish. An example is their history of antisemitism. Logic would state if Jesus was Jewish, how could you hate Jews.
Gosh, Jesus wasnít JEWISH, CHRISTIAN, MUSLIM, BHUDIST or ANYTHING! Jesus may have been born into a Jewish family, but he was smart enough to not BE Jewish.

I donít know why you would spin it that way Akbar, but thatís just plain nuts.

redrat11 wrote:
most American blacks are and always will worship JESUS!
Iíd like to correct that.

They will always LOVE Jesus. The worst thing you could do is worship ANYTHING. Jesus said this in the Bible. It is the book that you live by, so isnt it important that you get it right?
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