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Default Re: Between the burning cross and the rebel flag.

I guess in the tug a war between the brain and emotions. Emotions would win everytime with most people on this site.

Redrat11, most blacks who turn to Islam do not belong to the Muslim brotherhood. That is another rumor given by the NWO to fire up the emotions of ignorant whites. If blacks do continue to worship Jesus then they will always remain second class citizens. A lot of them are beginnig to think and are turning to Islam. Not the Islam of Osama Bin Laden and the majority of Arabs, which is satanic. They are turning to the Islam that is given by God himself as an answer to the call from their black ancestors.

LaDominio, you are the first Christian I know of to deny that Jesus was not a Jew. I guess the next thing you are going to say is that Jews did not create Christianity, which would say that all of the disciples were also not Jewish. Jewish law states that anyone born with a Jewish mother is Jewish and also Jesus himself stated that he came not to change the law of Judaism, but to uphold it. Jesus was not only Jewish, he was a militant Jew. In the Bible when a nonJewish person came to him for assistance, he rebuked her in the strongest terms.
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