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Default Re: Between the burning cross and the rebel flag.


So which "race" was God supposed to incarnate into at that time?

Of course He incarnated into that particular place at that particular time as the Jews were the first to worship the unifying masculine principal called God. Who the hell else was God supposed to incarnate into at that time? Icelandic deer herders maybe?

Come on AKBAR, your being provocative. We know the Churches and Imperial Rome have used The Bible for their own ends. There are many inconsistencies...but not in the 4 Gospels.

If Militant Islam (and lately that seems to be Islam in general) continues to aggressively push an agenda in Christian countries, they will become hated. Another group will be very happy at that.

We can all stop trying to convert each other and simply live in peace. I could'nt care less if Joe Blow converts to Islam but he better not start telling the Abo's they should take up arms to get "their" country back which is happening here.

Islam has shown it's stupidity in my country for NOT yelling at the top of their lungs that violence will not be tolerated by ANYONE. Instead we have had half hearted denunciations with a smirk about bombings against tourists in Bali. Muslim leaders must condemn OUTRIGHT all violence including that of the so called co-alition in Iraq.

When an Islamic leader was asked if Muslims would report fellow Muslims who spoke of "terrorist activities" in Oz, he replied "We should all do that". [paraphrasing closely] Meaning why are you asking specifically Muslims do that? This was a STUPID response and in fact was EVASIVE when the answer was QUITE clear.

"Yes! ALL good Muslims will report IMMEDIATELY ANY activities involving violence against fellow Australians".

That should of been the reply. Time and again local leaders have evaded and spoken clever responses to direct questions. This does not go down well with people here.

Christian Australians have marched in the hundreds of thousands against the war in Iraq and the murder of innocent Iraq's. By head of population NO other country mustered as many people in fact Oz was far ahead.

The Churches in Oz are UNITED in their opposition to the war and the oppression of Palestinians and have in fact called for a boycott of Israeli goods.

Is'nt that good enough AKBAR?

The West has MANY problems. But you know what? Lets see ya speak out in Iraq "then", and "now".

Lets see ya speak out in Malaysia? Lets see you speak out in Indonesia? Lets see you speak out in the M.E in general.

Time for Islam to grow up and get a little "sophisticated" in it's reactions to provacation by people who want to see them wiped out.
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