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Default Re: The real scandal in Zimbabwe is white control

The Black Elite are ALL Western Edcucated.

Whenever someone with some decency and the knack of looking out for their own people looks like being elected...a DC 10 packed with Mercs, arms and an open chequbook lands to start a war.

Africa is a case of CONTINUAL "real" genocide.

Ask any black Zimbabwean over 40 they will all say life was better under Ian Smith.
Ask any slave and it was always better when one did'nt have to think or fight for ones self.

The situation in Africa was MORALLY and ETHICALLY intolerable.

That what was intolerable then sank into something seems the order of the day. Just ask the French in the 1800's or the Russians more recently.

The point of my post is that the recieved wisdom of the day is that Mugabe is a whacko dictator. He is! But how did it get to that? Was this ALL Mugabe? What of the white mans responsability in all this!

It is like attacking Hitler. It is easy to do but by simply slagging him off you never understand the behind the scenes dynamics that made Rhodesia move from "happy family" (as long as da niggaz new dere place) to current disaster.

I would have thought the point of my post was PERFECTLY clear. You would note the pics of what the "freedom fighters" brought to Rhodesia. As I said...a dirty little war.

I understand if you have lost everything. West Oz is FULL of South Africans etc...i went out with the daughter of a man who fought with Ian Smith during the Bush War.

Now there is chaos where there was once order. And how did this come to be?

We saw Margaret Thatchers son caught with a plane load of arms...what is going on?

Look deeper.

I'm sorry if you have lost everything. Now I guess you know what it was like for the black man? To feel a second class citizen in their own country. How must that feel?

Africa needed to be rectified. That the soloution has proven (S.A & Rhodesia) worse than the status quo needs to be understood.

There is NO reason why that the transition could not have been smooth enough to avoid all this.

Read the think tank documents and NSA discussion papers from the late 40's and early 50's on the need to keep Africa destabilized and the resources in anglo/u.s hands.

Read up on Cecil Rhodes especially.

I know white people have lost everything including loved ones. We know this.

It will not help rectify the situation when there are powerful people who DO NOT want Africa to succeed.

Mugabe was baited. And like the predictable dog he is he bit back.

Now ordinary whites and blacks pay the price. As usual. Always the ordinary people suffer from the games of the rich and powerful.

Tell me you can at least get past the obvious and ask yourself why Africa has been a basket case for so long and do not try to say Blacks are incapable of running their own lives.

"They who would poke out the peoples eyes then complain they cannot see"
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