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Default Re: White Farmer Set on Fire in Zimbabwe

It's funny that the SAME people who cause the wars. Who colonise. Who bring on the chaos now tell us that the way to solve "our" bad habits is to throw every one togethjer and just get along. Ha!

Good old P- R - S...NEVER FAILS!

I'm just wondering how I can integrate it into my day to day so I can make the doolars.

I agree on segregation. But based on "values" rather than "race".

I never thought i would ever get to the point of saying this but..."if you dont like MY culture...fcuk off back to your own". The local Abo's here are the PERFECT example of what happens when you "dilute" your cultural heritage. Those unable to adapt drink and generally degenerate. A perfect example of "white culture" that me mate Adolph was trying to stop. Just ask the Eastern Europeans what happens when everyone becomes..."the same".

If you're here for the money, then fine. Just shut up and remember you're in Rome.

My sister did it for a year in Malaysia, so everyone else can stop thinking this middle class peasant will be putting up with "tolerating" every Tom Dick and Harry's particular cultural fetish.

Until we hang the Globalist Elite ideology from the neck...none of us will be free.

I agree with Alex Jones. We must start with our neighbours and move on into local government. This is happening, all be it slowly.
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