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Default Re: Between the burning cross and the rebel flag.

Of course Jesus was a Jew. The Jewish race was created by God by calling Abraham in order to prepare the way for Jesus to be born. All the Laws they had were a shadow of the things to come, lessons to be learned.

Jesus never denied the Old Testament. he came to fulfill it, to implement a better "second-phase" to it.

Since Jesus' death and ressurection at the cross, a new covenant was established, and Jews and gentiles became the same in the eyes of God.

Mat 5:17 Think3543 not3361 that3754 I am come2064 to destroy2647 the3588 law,3551 or2228 the3588 prophets:4396 I am not3756 come2064 to destroy,2647 but235 to fulfill.4137 (Jesus speaking)

For those who want to understand better this issue, read the book of Hebrews.
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