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Default Re: White Farmer Set on Fire in Zimbabwe

Thumper wrote:
If nations and people weren't forced to conform to the 'world community' like the UN has mandated, how are they being controlled? You have it exactly wrong.
Itís a matter of opinion.

But perhaps a TEMPORARY separation would be sufficient, but who the hell would go back?

You have no idea what the South African people are like. We still have right-wing terrorist militias about the place, waiting for a chance to engage in a bloody crusade against all non-whites. Most poor black people despise the upper class, and would happily take everything away from them if the opportunity presents itself (we see this in Zim). Society here is so fragile, that something as small as this could awaken a monster. Much care and planning should go into this.

Eventually, all whites will be evacuated, but then what? Things will get worse. The problem could be fixed now, instead of letting it deteriorate.
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