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>>You obviously have no idea about ideology otherwise you would realise there are several forms of socialism of which Marxism is just one.

Wrong again, honey, wrong again.
Socialism is part of marxism, not the other way around. (You need to refresh yourself on your "Das Kapital") Like it or not, marxism with its socialism, materialism and internationalism (no God, no nation, no individual) is the philosophy of the parasite.

>>Frankly your Attitude disgusts me !
What is digusting is when you reach into somebody else's pocket to pay for your wants and need and desires; taking away their earnings from those who produced useful goods and services, and giving it to those who did nothing for it, but held out their hands. And, to add insult to injury, come up with this idea of entitlement.

>>Perhaps it is you that is in the wrong forum.
Because I am opposed to the fullfilment of the marxist dream (and all for which it stands), I should be off an anti-NWO forum ? How liberal of you; don't like the message so chase away the messanger. And, I never said you shouldn't be here, I just expressed my surprise that being a socialist (therefore proponent of NWO which brought you socialism) you object to the realization of this pillar of marxism.
Your world government horse came in and now you don't like it. Perhaps, you should have bet on a republican or nationalist or monarchist horse.

>>btw: You have yet to answer the question in my initial post
Had you read my initial post you would have noticed that I said nothing of myself.
Self-sufficiency is when one lives and prospers by the work of his own hands, not by somebody else's hand; and is allowed to keep his earnings in stead of half of it being confiscated by the enemies of the poor and the working class, and given to freeloaders.

>>Your over simplification
Typical marxist remark. It is not simplification (it is distillation, if anything), I just call things as they are; a spade a spade.

So far you have shown yourself the friend of the nwo and its workings, so enlighten us, what is _your_ objection to the final stage of societal evolution ? Because in spite of your not wanting to recognize it, that is what is happening, and not spontaneously, but by design.

As for Mr. LaRouche. What is his problem with the world republic ? that he is not in on it ? He idolizes Roosevelt, the war-monger, proponent and implementor of big (brother) government, over-regulaton, large bureaucracy, etc. The United States of Europe has all that, and the United States of (all) America will have that.

As you should know, leftwing and rightwing are the two sides of the same coin. Opponents of the NWO would like a different coin. Your lack of knowledge doesn't make me, or anyone else, anything.
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