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Default Re: FDA approves injecting ID chips in patients

The company is targeting the devices at patients suffering from Alzheimer´s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other conditions requiring complex treatment.
I guess a simple chain around the wrist is too "old school"?

Complex treatment? Do they mean the boringly repetative treatment i used to dish out on these people? To what "complexity" does the author refer?

Now I'll REALLY pull to peices their bullshit...

So far, no hospitals in the United States have placed orders for the chips, an Applied Digital representative said. So the company is planning to give away scanners, which cost $650 a piece, to 200 trauma centers around the country to jump-start the market.
Do you know what %90 of the ambulances you see, sirens blaring, are bringing in or going too..."chest pain". The same people, over and over again, well known to staff.

Does a "brutha wid a cap in hid ass" need a veri chip? Me thinks the trauma people know the drill.

There reasons are crap. They will put them in the elderly and infirm first if for no other reason than they will not complain and besides, they'll threaten to take away health care if you dont get them like they did here in Oz for the new "chipped" medicare card for war veterans.

The system already works.

There are no staff to take an old geyser to the toilet but at least when he's found dead on the floor from a fall he can be identified more readily...if the stupid scanner gets plugged into the power point and charged that is.
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