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Default Re: FDA approves injecting ID chips in patients - On The Border Too? Soon?

This is part of an e-mail from a friend who just crossed the Kanadian/U.S border...

I just spent a week in Corvallis, Oregon with my sister for Thanksgiving. The drive down was fairly uneventful but the US border crossing was the same old painstaking 40 minute crawl. I seem to have an innate ability to choose the slow lane every time - grocery store, car wash - you name it, I'm remarkably talented. When I finally pulled up at the box I was greeted suspiciously by a young border guard bearing the name tag "Wang." I mentally substituted the 'G' for a 'K', and resisted the urge to inform him that his lane was exactly 15 minutes and 23 seconds slower than the lane next door (I was timing it like a true Virgo). 'Wank' ushered me inside to organise my visa, but once there took a lengthy look at my passport and muttered the words you never want to hear from a border guard "I think we may have a problem." Just before I broke down and started blubbering about my experiences in drug and alcohol rehab (just kidding!) he informed me that I didnít seem to have a digital photo in my passport. I drew his attention to the fact my passport was issued in 1997 - pre-digital days as far as I'm aware, but that little factoid seemed to escape him. "Nope, nope...I think we have a problem." My composure was remarkable at that point and, although I ground my teeth to gum line, you have to pick your places carefully for a tantrum, and a room full of trigger happy, ego loaded border guards is probably not the best place to do it. So I managed to keep my deranged smile from slipping meanwhile telling him politely that he must be mistaken. So off he went to check with his supervisor leaving me to cool my heels for 15 minutes while he figured out the obvious. Eventually he conceded entry, but stapled 2 documents into my passport instead of the usual 1. When I enquired as to what the other little white card was, he looked exasperated and sighed, "it's a radio frequency transmitter!" Like d'uh!! So I asked him what it was doing in my passport and he replied "it's so we know when you enter and exit the States and when you approach the border" Hmmmph.. I suspect it has a much more sinister purpose then that and I'll probably be refused entry to the US in future for not logging the mandatory number of visits to McDonalds.
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