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Default The Secualr Humanists Are At It Again! The "Left" Respond With ROCKIN MTV Doco - Jesus NEVER Existed

Oh boy! The best yet with ROCKING soundtrak!
another..."The Jesus story is NOTHING BUT..."

And the facts? Well, i've only seen the trailer but from the brief glimpse it would appear the usual stuff is aired...

1. Story of Jesus is similar to "other" myths and stories.

2. Commentator says..."it's doubtful Mark thought he was writing history."

Oh well, i guess that wraps it up.

Such PENETRATING analysis.

My fave is the one that it's just "another Hero myth".

Heard the one about the hero who is offered power over others but instead fights for truth and justice...yadda, yadda, yadda...

Well i note that the "myth" of George Washington who was offered a "Kingship" over the new America's but rejected it in favour of a Republic by and for the people.

Quite clearly this story mirrors quite closely "other" myths about earthly temptations being over come. I think i'll do a doco "proving" the 'other' George actually did'nt exist. I'll put a seriously rocking soundtrak to it and that should get the young 'uns in.

Will try to get a hold of it and post.

Downloading now from torrent.

Here are some quotes from the torrent site!!!!!!!

Holding modern Christianity up to a merciless spotlight, this bold and hilarious new film asks the questions few dare to ask. And when it finds out how crazy the answers are, it dares to call them crazy.

Your guide through the bizarre world of Christendom is former fundamentalist Brian Flemming, who unflinchingly explores the absurdity of belief and believers. Along the way, you will discover:

* Jesus Christ is likely a fictional character, a legend never based on a real human.
* Christian doctrine contradicts itself at every turn, and encourages immorality when it serves the religion.
* The beliefs of moderate Christians make even less sense than those of extremists.
* And God simply isn't there.

The God Who Wasn't There may delight you or anger you. Perhaps it will do both. But you'll never look at Christianity the same again.

Hold on to your faith. It's in for a bumpy ride.
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Great movie, there's no god or Allah or the holy spirit, there's just you and the people around you and anyone says differently is full of shit because they can't prove it
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This documentary was fantastic, simply amazing! I hereby deny the holy spirit - I am not afraid! This piece really helped me clear up some personal issues, I now much better see that I too was indoctrinated to believe - protestant, christianity lite, truly meaningless Thank you so much for sharing, I'll never delete this, I'm watching it with my family if I can convince them to ignore the lack of subtitles.
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Wow! These comments are really hurtful! I think i'll head off to the U.N. See if Kofi cant get a new "hate law" enacted to protect my sensitive feelings. :-(

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