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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

Great article John. I agree almost completely...almost.

I cant quite believe China or indeed any of the manufactured Communiust States are beyond Western Elite control.

China lives and dies on Western Capital investment. Pull the plug and what will China do with the INSTANT 40million unemployed, all mostly lower middle class with nothing to lose peasants. We all remember the Asian Economic crisis? We've all seen "Rogue Trader" on DVD. Thats how easy it is to destroy an economy and sow chaos.

They are already having BIG problems with the peasantry.

I've heard they're spending big on non lethal crowd control equipment though i'd like to know from where.

Friends who travel regularly to China speak of the incessent government propaganda to prod the people to work harder and beat the U.S economically.

This is designed to keep the peasants occupied as is the incessent talk of war with Taiwan which will NEVER happen. An absoloute impossible task for the Chinese military.

My broad brush approach to the many signs of this and that we see happening is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

All over the world the Elites of all countries are combatting the cries of their 'peasantry' for economic and political reform.

Look at Iran. Think about it? The U.S invades and who then will they deal with? A very young and idealistic middle class who are VERY anti globalization and well educated in the way of things.

Who would U.S, European and British elites rather deal with? Corrupt Iranian Elites (Mullahs),their own kind; or millions of disinfranchised peasantry? The British invest heavily in Iran. So to Haliburton. Explain that one?

I have never believed 9-11 was about oil.

9-11 was about distracting peasants and so are all wars.

Controlling local populations is all the Elites one goal.

We meet at cafes to discuss methods of controlling ADD kids and teenage daughters.

'They' meet at Davos, and Bildibergers to discuss controlling the anti globalization movement and recalcitrant peasants who want a say in how the worlds run.

In this I agree with Jared Israel that the war for oil theory is a distraction. The public will buy wars for energy control. They wont like it but they'll buy it.

Endless war and threat of war is the game. 1984 is a classic for a very good reason. It sums it up beautifully.

All other things are a distraction from the main aim. Controlling a well educated middle class who know the jig is up.

The Elite still believe they can pull it off. But at what cost? 2/3 of the Earth destroyed? I dont believe they'll do it. They'll bow out gracefully. I hope.
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