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Default Re: The Secualr Humanists Are At It Again! The "Left" Respond With ROCKIN MTV Doco - Jesus NEVER Exi

The name of this crap comes from the book:
"The God Who Is There" by Francis Schaeffer. The book is so profound, that you have to read it twice so you can understand it.

Schaeffer was a philosopher and a pastor. His discussion is extremely cultivated. He was probably one of the best minds of the XX century. He destroyed existencialism for me. One can not deny God's existence after reading the book. Buy it NOW. At Amazon it costs US$ 0,98 used. Or stay in ignorance forever.

But...reading Schaeffer takes time and brains. Easier to watch a rock and roll video. Duhhh...

It is this attitude of pride and lack of humility that I despise. A bunch of kids without ANY understanding of anything, now decided to tell the world that we have been wrong for 2,000 years.

We should worship these geniuses.
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