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Default Re: The Secualr Humanists Are At It Again! The "Left" Respond With ROCKIN MTV Doco - Jesus NEVER Existed

Thanks for the link, TB. It's not only hurtful, to me it is the most asinine bane and infuriating notion in existance.

They have made an open challenge. These are the mockers that 2 Pet. said would come in the later days. And 2 Tim. 2 comes to mind immediately.

It is infuriating because I actually have studied the Gnostic documents in Theology school. They are clearly the works of 2nd and 3rd century Neo-Platonists. They can even be accurately dated by paleography.

I guess MTV is helping to make Docetic Gnosticism 'chic' again.

So, they've declared their final war. All the cards are on the table. It's an open challenge before all heaven and earth.

If any of you have read the Jesus Mysteries, you will know how pernicious these people really are. The casual reader is likely to be fully deceived by the Jesus Mysteries.

I can say this much about Jesus Mysteries and all works like it, Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy are two of the biggest liars in the world today. That book is full of errors of every kind. It is the epitome of the dialectic craft.

However, in the end, I know of no greater center of falsehood, pseudo-scholarship, and blatent antichristianty than that brood of vipers that calls itself the 'Jesus Seminar'.

Folks, these people are in league with one another, I assure you. They are ALL members of the same occult circles. And they a vomiting out the flood of lies from the mouth of the Red Dragon himself.

I commend to the Word of God.
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