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Default Re: The Secualr Humanists Are At It Again! The "Left" Respond With ROCKIN MTV Doco - Jesus NEVER Exi

You know it's such a BEAUTIFUL scam.

Just as George is on the downward run. The evangelicals have made fools of themselves. The "Christian" support of the war in many U.S circles has shown them as we can expect a FLOOD of these things and I expect a heck of a lot of books too.

Relax, it's quite entertaining. Hell, i dont even know half the bible but I wish like hell, being a former Jungian, someone would ask me some of their questions about Greek myths and Jesus as they did in one of the clips.

These "New Age Humanists" will read Jung and Joseph Campbell till the cows come home and yet forget one thing. Jung never doubted the historical reality of Jesus Christ and I have never read of Joseph Campbell directly saying that he believed Christ a "figment" of peoples imaginations and a mere rendering of old myths in some new form.

Myths are direct representations of "archetypal" patterns of behaviour. Like patterns of numbers, or the beat of classical music they "last" because they "resonate" in the very core of a human being.

Christ WAS and IS the walking/talking archetypal pattern of God incarnate in the 3 dimensional world. That many similar "myths" precede him means only that we are seeing a "divine" work in motion. Close to the archetypal core.

Whatever the ACTUAL "exact" truth of things...the arguments used by these people are as transparent as hell, even to a Gospel neophyte like myself.

I could'nt give a stuff that they question's as you say SAT...the SHEER arrogance!

Me thinks the move against Christianity in America inparticular has a lot to do with the Christian extremists bringing up an EQUALLY extremist position in the Humanists.

Now just WHO is behind the Christian extremist Bush? :roll:

"Sniff, sniff...i smells me a Humanist female President on the way...maybe a grey haired male one by the name of Clinton heading the U.N too..."

Oh the symmetry!
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