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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

BTW DC, the Aliens dont help us coz there ar'nt any.

First God was to descend from the clouds, then Jesus and now the Aliens.

Religion comes in all shapes and forms.

When in distress the human being looks deep within for help and cries out instinctually for the ultimate values.

Now that God has been successfully destroyed in the West we now look to wise and all knowing aliens to rescue us from the big pile of shit we have mired ourselves in.

God gave us arms and legs, a brain, a big mouth, eys and two finger typing to rescue ourselves.

All we have to do is keep annoying people with our way out conspiricy theories.

We also may need to practice our combat skills if the worst arrives so I keep playing Medal Of Honour Pacific Assault to keep my skills up. 8-)
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