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Default The Universal Law Of Attraction, and how it is used to destroy us.

Looking into it now, The Universal Law Of Attraction seems rather uncommon to most, yet it is one of the most fundamentally important tools available to the human race.

To cut to the chase, The Law Of Attraction is all about energy and vibrations. We create and co create everything in our reality, with the vibrations emitted from our thoughts and feelings. Whatever you focus upon (thought vibrations/ feelings) is immediately activated and begins to attract to your reality.

Its an amazing thing ill tell you. Iíve been testing it for about two weeks now, and it is a truly amazing ability. But it has been hidden from us.

We each have our own sphere of reality, and when too many spheres have a common thought, it manifests into the common life experience.
Does a plane crash because of some faulty equipment? Or does it crash because too many people fear it will? I believe the latter, but the answer is for you to discover.

Now, I look at the MEDIA. A machine - provoking thought of ALL the wrong kind.
Fear fear fear of every kind. That which is focused upon is ATTRACTED. Fear of obesity = obesity or worse. Fear of death, abuse, sorrow, pain, failure, and anything bad you can think of, itís all being attracted.

I donít need to explain this further. You can all see how we are being manipulated into our own SELF DESTRUCTION.

Donít fear or even think about it. Focus on what you wish to achieve. If enough of you activate this positive thinking vibration, we will begin to attract the positive, and you will see the change. Your sphere of reality DOES have an effect on the common reality, and can change things dramatically, if you learn to hone this key ability.

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