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Default Re: Italian Fascism instigated by Socialist Marxists

To OL,

TB and I sought to debate you on a few specifics, because you claimed some pretty outrageous things. Contrary to your assumptions many of us here have explored the ideas you bring up, and have cut to the chase in what's going on in the world.

We are a little surprised that with your amassed knowledge you haven't seen any underlying patterns, but perhaps that's not a gift everyone has. Thumper recently directed us to a forum of 'deniers', and it is instructive to see people debate who actually aren't trying to learn. Whether it's fear that forces their hand or maybe greed etc. you really can't debate with people who cheat themselves and the discussion.

TB mentioned that you had pasted in some tracts in previous threads, and I did see your words pop up in a recent newspaper article on fascism, they were in quotations, maybe yours were too.

So, I think you succeeded in edifying us about your opinions, and ironically they seem to be 'first blush' impressions cynical teens might have. Capitalism is materialistic, wow, what a concept. So is Communism but lets not go there.

We did fail in getting you to examine some of your cherished beliefs.

OL wrote:
You effectively let yourself become slightly more malleable the deeper you sink into religous belief. And the more you sink into it, the more you are shut off from other human beings.

The connection to cold capitalism is this;
it is the most effective marketing-tool in the whole history of mankind. It is this that the capitalist market is using as model for their business-strategy.
Things are not what they seem, a premise of this forum, and Makow's site. Are all religious people easily duped and malleable? Or just those you have run into and don't want to become yourself? Are Capitalism and Communism funded and controlled by the same people giving us a limited choice between red crap and blue crap?

I think you wasted your time entirely, but if you want, go back to your first posts and try again. Take a look at the links and topics raised by us.
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