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Default Re: In the Beginning...

I guess we are, TB.
What you may get (this is controversial) in the primordial soup is simple proteins, with both spacial directions...the prions.
So you don't get life (that needs proteins in only one spacial orientation)...the best you can get is Mad Cow disease. :-)

Seriously, the math is totally against it. You can't get a language (coded info) as the DNA by chance.

The best books about it are from micro biologists that know how a cell work...I think one is "Defeating Darwin with an Open Mind".

Philosophically it also doesn't work. Read "Not a Chance" by R. C. Sproul.

Personally, I think God has the capacity of organizing the molecules instantly in life form if He wants, otherwise He wouldn't be able to ressurect Lazarus, multiply fish or cure a blind eye. No need of soup at all.

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