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Default Re: In the Beginning...

I disagree. In each of the "miracle" cases He had something to work with.

I see the hand of God everwhere and that includes the soup. When that DNA, over time, forms new shapes and connections I see God at work.

Did'nt God "labour" and even rest on the 7th day?

Honestly, i know where your coming from. I agree...the evidence of divine direction is right before our eyes. But I have no problem with us starting from soup which appears to have come with the planet.

The hand of God has to be in their somewhere to "animate" it. I have no problem with that.

Will check out the books. Again, i dont see the argument? You seem to be saying that my love of "primordial soup" denotes some sort of "chance"? Not so, it was simply what God began working with. Or He started working by first creating the Hydrogen atom and the rest is history.

Whatever. The hand of a divine creator is there. Like they say, if you saw a fine Swiss Watch lying on the ground it would never occur to you that it had "spontaneously" assembled itself from nothing by sheer "chance".

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