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Default Re: World's most Intelligent Human Being EVER!!!!

redrat11 wrote:
yes go to coral castle code. com there you'll see researcher Jon Depew work on unmasking the code. Also just google coral castle for good pics of c. castle itself in florida.

thanks I will take a look ... so far so good

Quote from the site

This code is the hidden blueprint of natures magnetic currents of structure and creation, there is also another underlying pattern within this code that are known as ley lines or (neutral energy distribution lines). They are the true atom builders. Science is misled and off track.All true Sacred Geometry "SQUARING THE CIRCLE", "PHI" ,"Golden Section", the "HOLY GRAIL" are really representing 2 Individual MAGNETIC CURRENTS. There is NO such thing as an ELECTRON as it is presently perceived .Science is misled and is also misleading millions of others everyday , in every school.


Some of us know how true this really is.
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