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Default liberals manipulate blacks into keeping them on the government plantation, and use them politically

I think it's time we had a thread which documents the programs and policies that the illuminati uses to chronically 'oppress' entire classes of people within a society under the guise of benevolence, and then uses them as a weapon. This technique of course is Marxist class warfare, but probably has roots much deeper than that.

The easiest contemporary example I think would be African-Americans and the Muslims in Europe. Under 'civil-rights' armed soldiers with bayonets literally and forcibly 'integrated' black and white communities, and the effects were detrimental to both.

A whole entire culture arose where, according to Myron Fagan, the once contented black population was convinced that they were being oppressed this whole entire time, and a kind of militancy was instilled among them just as British backed Wahhabism has taken root among disaffected Muslims.

The welfare state was used to destroy the black family, by little gimmicks like giving financial incentives to black single mothers over couples, and of course the CIA pushing hard drugs into the neighbourhood.

It was promoted that wealth and prosperity were a zero-sum game, and that whites somehow had a monopoly on it, and they had 'rigged the system' where it always benefitted themselves. They convinced blacks that, perversely enough, instead of being proud of their achievements they were now dependent on the 'acceptance' and 'tolerance' of the white community in order to become a full member of society, much less a human being.

This of course created negative feelings of resentment in the white community, and tje stripping of self-esteem of blacks who were now trapped in this paternalistic relationship. Instead of being peers in the family of man, where mutual respect could take place, it was now fixed to where blacks were dependent on the 'goodwill' of whites and created all kind of unneccessary cleavages.

One can see the very same effect in Europe today, where the illuminati have used disaffected Muslims who have languished in government subsidized ghettos for entire GENERATIONS, and without any purpose or reason to become self-sufficient, they have also turned to crime.

discuss. :-o

\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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