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Default Re: Between the burning cross and the rebel flag.

In answer to your question "which "race" was God supposed to incarnate into at that time"?
My post is to shed light on how absurd it would be for God to incarnate in human form because it only leads to reinforcing race superiority. It seems that white Christians like to be treated as individuals, but treat everyone else as a group. If one person in that group commits a bad act then the entire group is responsible. What typ of of intelligence is this? When I share the history of your race you state that it was either before your time or that you should be judged as an individual. When a nonwhite commits an act then it is the entire group that is responsible. So since it is the mentality of whites to label groups of people based on the actions of one member of the group then we must do the same for whites. History paints a more harsher picture of the evils of white Christians than it does any other race or religion. As far as the slave trade, West Africans speak more harsher of the evil of the whites in the slave trade. They do not mention Arabs being involved in the slave trade in West Africa. In fact they mention that more of their own people were involved in it. Africa is in worst (mental)slavery now than they were back then. This slavery is under the West not Arabs or Muslims.
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