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Default Re: liberals manipulate blacks into keeping them on the government plantation, and use them politically

I agree with most of the things you have posted. The only thing I disagree with is the belief that blacks have an equal access to resources like whites. This is simply not true. We must remember that due to slavery and the effects of it to make blacks animals. That whites were essentially given a 200 year head start to acquire resources and education. Blacks did not get an opportunity to have access to the same resources as whites until the 1960's. So it has been only 45 years that blacks have had to try to cover ground that was lost during slavery. Like you have stated programs like forced intergration and welfare has greatly hurt their progress. Also, blacks need to build an independent identity based on belief in God that also reinforces the good things in their history. Most of their leaders have been against this ideal because it would cause them to lose their income. So most of their leaders continue to tell them how the white man has wronged them and that they should get more assistance from the goverment. This belief like you rightly stated connect thei identity with their whites. Like children to their parents. Only blacks themselves can solve this problem by creating their own identity. It time for them to beome adults.
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