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So what. Saddam kept it TOGETHER, relatively speaking. Could of used some help economically, like the good old days.

Love the soldiers.

Pics of Iraq. I've seen enough. War is SSSSSick.

Tryed to kill dad, uh maybe because he was sick of being hunted daily, had better things to do
than focus all that energy being on the run.

Try to kill - how many times did "they" try to kill Saddam.

Since black is white and white is black - why didn't they embrace Saddam's Diversity.

A secular socialist Pan-Arabia. That would have been my best wish for the Middle East in the 70's.

Stalin-esq . Had to do what he had to do.

What was the purpose of what US did? Achieved NOTHING positive nor will it ever.

Iraq was probably one of the biggest management challenges in the world. So why didn't anybody even have a plan in place to do it. Iraq will always have to be run EXACTLY like Saddam did BECAUSE OF TWO SIZABLE OPPOSING FACTIONS.

Am I the only one who sees it that way? :-?
Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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