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Default Re: liberals manipulate blacks into keeping them on the government plantation, and use them politically

Imagine a country where everybody household makes, oh say $75,000.

I think that would have been nice.

What if all the labor was paid equitably.

Lets look at one service industry, the medical field. What is charged for services is akin to pillage, plunder, rape.

I was a medical transcriptionist for 10 years in a 21 doctor urban orthopedic practice. Five girls. Smoke should have come off those computers - lots of overtime. Then when we started to develop a repetitive use syndrome (carpal tunnel), they wouldn't touch the claim. Proud of their never had a workmen's comp claim status and all that applies.

Greed! Peoples greed is what caused all this. We all could have simply shared - chicken in every pot!!!

These are the reasons for the dissaffected. They are abused and a cycle of abuse spirals from it.
Just watch Jerry Springer or Maury Pouvich to see the sad consequence of social engineering and product marketing techniques and see the sad outcomes for all those little babies. Breaks my heart and should break the heart of any HUMAN.

Everybody can do SOMETHING to help PEOPLE. MANKIND. This race stuff just simply has to stop.
But, because it is essentially too late to integrate, provide for them in their indigenous, soverign national systems.

Just don't let those at the top of their industries suck all the cash to the top. How about a new type of industry funding - BOTTOM'S UP - call it. The more they get at the top, the meaner they get. Its true.

I like this thread.
Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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