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Default Re: Can Gnostism Lead to True Christianity?

I'm sorry but only got half way through your facinating post. Thank you for your time spent on it.

When I discovered Sufism I thought I was so THERE. It felt SO pure and right.

But what I experienced watching the PASSION was something so different. Touched by God is something anybody can see. The tears are profuse, but they are not saddness, it is an overflowing - something too large to be contained and they cleanse and you have been washed white.

On a Catholic Charismatic retreat once, the priest took everybody back to the first person they remembered who had ever hurt them and continued on up and what everybody was doing was forgiving. Well I'm surprised there was any toilet paper left in the retreat house after that, the cleasing was incredible.

People get "slayed in the Spirit" too. They just simply drop straight to the floor, THE HOLY SPIRIT is powerful.

Jesus will totally communicate in visions, on his agenda with us, not ours.

Anything anyone of us seeks to control themselves is not a true path. Pure prayer is something different.

There has never been a religion being mass marketed in such a manic fashion as Gnostism today. It is being thrust upon the public in the forms of DaVinci Code books etc. It has a beautiful allure to it, people gobble it up.

To Christians, it makes you shudder because YOU know it is truly the end-times, repleat with THE NEW RELIGION and everything - BECAUSE, I remember WANTING, EVEN CONSIDERING JOINING the Rosicrusians in the 1980s; there were hardly any reading materials available to the public then.

I had found a local group who were into the Ascended Masters and the Great Work and studied for a while.

I just don't understand how it meets the ugly Lovecraftian nightmare of Kenneth Grant's world, but as soon as you talk of Crowley - The Beast, you minds well just talk about Cuthulu, ultimately.

So, using movies as an analogy is it Constantine, Devil's Advocate, Harry Potter or what?

There was this great book I read once, the Beautiful Side of Evil.
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