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Default Re: liberals manipulate blacks into keeping them on the government plantation, and use them politically

They also know if they want to play the outright anarchy card - Helter Skelter - it will come from provoking that very volitle situation.

City emergency rooms have looked like war zones for quite a while.

North Phili and the Bronx are simply disgusting deplorable shames when you see the greed of the rest of the respective cities, and if only it were those two cities and thats in the US. I can't even imagine what those people go through.
Then add the vicious cycle of needing drugs to cope and for a local economy.

Drug dealing in the urban centers is probably the only way to a middle class or higher status, think about it. Since the educational systems are in such disrepair.

These problems didn't happen in a day, that's for sure.
Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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