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Default Re: Specter proposes increase in aliens

Are they going to have a plan or will this all be implemented like Iraq and all hell will break loose - Hell on Earth.

Lets get people who are used to implementing violent and anti-social acts to survive, because they were so disaffected for so long and then unleash them on a bunch of contented suburbinites - lets see murder, muggings,
home invasions, store robberies, bank robberies, pedophilia, rape - the list goes on and on.

And on the flip side, what is this I hear about methyl bromide killing migrant farm workers. This was on AOL news this week, not even the AM.

Herding cattle. They are simply herding cattle.
That is all we seem to be. How very sad and to treat society like this, they won't have good luck in their endeavors. (Saw Aeon Flux, asthetically beautiful production/poor writing I thought), but there were still many messages there.

Notice all the bridge repairs in your state of the US in the last few years - perfectly good bridges.

Shudder, shudder.
Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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