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Default Re: Israel to Extradite One of World's Top Drug Traffickers to U.S.

neenafoof wrote:
Nomad wrote:

"Even more evidence of their intellectual superiority ... whatever the domain "they" dominate over the dumb goyims that don't know where they come from nor where they are going"

This might be the attitude problem. Being an intellectual does not make you superior. It was a gift from God. Does not make you any more important that someone who is not so gifted OF ANY RACE.

Obviously, two factors were involved. Making money off porn and that sadistic need to pollute and corrupt.

But, anybody can overcome porn addiction. Jesus easily delivers and I am so sure that people are saying I'm sorry before and I'm sorry after - so what they made money.

Maybe they did it out of kindness to stop the spread of disease 8-)

Notice how a Jew is able to deliver you from evil.

The question is why ?
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