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I really think the only solution at this point would be an epiphany of say the folks at Davos or Bilderberger.

They have to redistribute the wealth of the world, then structure would be fine - as long as everybody has enough.

PROJECT BOTTOM'S UP. The only way to repair this much damage to the world or it has already ended we just don't realize it yet.

If that be the case, we should be getting our lamp oil ready at this very moment. There will be a collective cry of humanity that knows no racial bounds. Globilization, indeed. Unity of the mass men in their pleas to stop now.

Make them listen to Pink Floyd Animals or something. Dark Side of the Moon - oh, just plain old Pink Floyd.

So somebody won the Monopoly Game. Now, put it all back and play a different game, boys.

Supposedly, according to Icke, we (US) have never been independent of the "Crown". Is this true?

What were the Montana Freemen doing?

We have to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, it is the only way God would ever bless us.
Tax the rich, feed the poor.
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