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quote from Rush's post:
One of the most self-empowering things you can do is to smash your own idols. I highly recommend the books: The Twilight of the Idols by Friedrich Nietzsche and The Ego and Its Own by Max Stirner. The ability or thinking skill to be developed is QUESTION EVERYTHING.
Ok Rush, back at you - please question your belief in a physical earth centred universe. Just for fun. Don't get defensive thinking it's an attack on the Bible.

First of all is there ample proof of gravity around us? It seems so, but that's debatable of course. If gravity exists, where lighter things stick to more massive things, we take the leap that this force acts over great distances, such as from the sun to the moon.

With your view the Earth is very massive, the sun, and other stars very light. We know the mass of the Earth, so the mass of the Sun for instance can be calculated. Would you accept the mathematically derived mass of the sun from your assumptions?
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