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Default Half Assed DOCO Is Up.

It's pretty amaturish and is filled with a man who is pissed at his fundamentalist schooling and general upbringing. So would I be.

The usual suspects...yawnnnnnnnn...

With Bush on the homeward run to undermining completely the U.S economy and social fabric. With Bush completing the icing on the cake of confirming for people that religion is a dangerous ideology that must be banned...we get this. It's fairly amateurish and will only be speaking to the confirmed Liberal choir. After all, how hard is it to "bash" the idiot evangelicals and other extremist elements of Christianity?

I cant help but feel the gift that keeps on giving - Problem/Reaction/Solution, is being played out here between two diametrically opposed world views...the extreme "fundamentalist" Christian movement and the extreme "fundamentalist" materialist/rationalist (Liberal aka: Satanism/Communism with flowers) movement. Actually, when you think about it, they are one in the same as they are both wed to "literal", materialist type - dogma, that is woefully lacking in the finer points of spiritual insight.

There is some serious disrespect here also. Some of the things hinted at are ridiculous. Especially at the start.

Ya know what I find MOST amazing about the so called "Left". While they get justifiably pissed at the worst of "fundamentalism" they simply CANNOT make the distinction between the failings of the church and individual men responsible for various bastardizations of holy texts.

If any one can point out the evil and "controlling" aspects of the 4 Gospels...please let me know.

Also, can the so called "Left" please stop blaming religion for wars and horrors and begin to blame the men who pull the strings in the various Elite banking houses or are they afraid of losing their foundation sponsorship if they point this out?

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