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Default Re: Half Assed DOCO Is Up.

Thanks for posting True Believer. The documentary makers forget a known principle. Can't recall the exact name but I can give you an example.

A number of witnesses can observe an event. When recalling the event, a very short time afterwards, each witness will describe it in terms that may contradict the other witnesses. Does that mean they are lying? It's understood (psycologically speaking) it is the way the brain retains data and then recalls it.

See the following:



Witnesses to an event do not remember it either accurately or completely.

What causes such distortions in memory? The answer is found in the nature of the memory process. Psychologists divide memory into three states: acquisition, retention, and retrieval of information. Events at any of these stages can be the cause of memory failure. The information simply may not have been perceived in the first place because the witness was not looking, the lighting was bad, the event did not seem important, or many events took place in a very short time. Alternatively, the event initially may have been perceived incorrectly because the witness was under stress or because the witness interpreted the event consistently with his or her expectations and stereotypes.
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