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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

To simplify, the post doesn`t speak about India. However, China and India are are joined in the economical war against the Western corporations and they are preparing to join their military forces too (altogether with Russia) against any potential threat from the West. Such a threat could be a military action against their energy and rough material suppliers.

China and India represent together 1/3 of the world`s population and their economies are growing 3x more rapidly than the Western economies. Altogether these two countries have already a middle-class of several hundred million people which makes their economical growth even more rapidly growing.

The Western corporations cannot allow to let develop the Chinese and Indian corporations since these are going to be much more powerful than themselves in a few year. Moreover, the huge economical growth of China and India is going to absorb the energy and rough materials what the Western corporations want for themselves.

China is no more dependent from the Western investments. In fact, since the end of the nineties, the Chinese businessmen are buying a lot of Western companies, especially in Europe.

So, either the Chinese economy is struggled by force, or the Western corporations are struggled by the coming Chinese/Indian corporations. Of course, China will not accept the West struggle its economical growth and, if the West is insisting, you can guess what will follow...

That`s why the real alternative is a war between the West and China (probably militarily allied with India and Russia) or the protection of the Western local economies. Protecting the Western local economies would mean transforming the Western economy ruled by the Western corporations into an economy based upon local (national) needs and companies: every country is producing first for itself and with its own workers; only then would come an internationally regulated export of goods. This would mean the end of the international banksters` NWO.
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