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Default Re: Sustainable Planetary Management

LaDominio wrote:
truebeliever wrote:
As long as people are seperated from the political and social organization process the disasters will continue. As long as people continue to believe knowing the football score is more important than who is pulling the strings in the things that matter...well, what can we expect of it all?
Well, I believe in anarchism towards the present society, as it actively separates the public from the string pulling. People take what they are given, sit down and shut up, no questions asked. Public control is based on keeping the pig trough full so the pigs don’t squeal. That’s not right. We are human beings not animals! In relation to religion, SOCIETY IS BLASPHEMY.

In the new global society, it is IMPERITIVE that everyone understands their relationship with God, or else it will happen all over again.
I could not agree more. Instead of happening again though, I believe GOD or nature or both will put an end to the human race and believe me it will be an end.
Never explain, never complain.
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