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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

I'm sorry John you're wrong.

Absoloutly wrong.

China and India are ABSOLOUTLY dependant on the West.

Their entire growth has been due to Western investment.

Just what companies are China buying?

I can buy American companies. The Saudi's buy Western companies. So what?

It is economics 101.

The West created China. That is a matter of the historical record.

The West invests heavily in India providing high tech equipment and know how.

The Soviet Union was propped up and started by the West. It would have collapsed in the 50's if it was'nt for Western food and technology exports.

China would collapse tomorrow John with the mere stroke of key on a keyboard in an office on Wall Street.

If the U.S is about to collapse due to economic factors then how are the Chinese or Indians to escape financial realities? Over night with capital flight Asia's economies collapsed.

I'm really at a loss how you can possibly say China India et al are going to form some sort of allience.

You may be spending too much time reading Vialls.

This whole "Oh no here come the Chinese/Indians/Asian block/ is "here come the Reds" all over again.

Run for the hills Ma Barker...HERE THEY COME...fool me once...

Please dont fall for it.
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