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ANALYZING (INBRED) BOY...Case #54367898902012234985_________________
RR: Dr. what can we gather from the use of the words Communists and homosexuals by INBRED BOY?
Dr. RR I told you to stay off those "KOOK" conspiracy sites! Now what the hell don't you understand about that!
RR: Listen, I get more useful information than the average Moron on the street from this site, and further more as long as I'm paying $250 an hour for your service then you just give me your analysis and keep quite!
Dr: Ok, lets examine this (INBRED), ok, I see he does'nt say much, what exactly do you want me to analyze with such little information?
RR: well, don't you see the connection between homosexuality and Communism?
(interruption) Knock, Knock...
doctor you have a urgent message from Mrs. Benito!
Dr: well Morley what is it?
Morley: Well sir she says that Frank is "acting" up again, she says he's up on the roof screaming like a banshee about the "LEVVEES" being bombed. and that the water is rising.
Drk, tell her I'll be right there in a moment, and tell her to make sure Frank does'nt fall off the roof.
RR: Hey Morley, don't forget my damm money you owe from your pathetic "COWBOYS", i told you they were just fluff, and no game, if you want I'll double or nothing on the Colts losing their next game.
Morley: deal!
Dr: Ok RR you don't have sufficient info for me to analyze this INBRED BOY, anf I really must get to Old Frank.
RR: Is that the same Frank, that old Jersey mobster guy?
Dr: what makes you think he's a mobster?
RR: well lets see he is ITALIAN, and he is LOONEY, and he drives old cadillacs.
Dr: ok, so you figure he's a mobster, this may explain your disorders RR.
RR: No, it's because he told me his war stories from his OLD MOB DAYS, he told me that when he was my age he controlled the Newark Mob scene for the Genovese Family, and that he used to like stuffing people in mail boxes.
Dr: RR you are in serious need of hospitalization.
RR: NO, I'm serious he really used to be a MOB BOSS, It's because your a lily white idiot that you don't see that, he told me a story about when the City public works director denied his "company" a construction contract, it pissed him off so much that he had his "GOONS" kidnap him and his family from their own house, and then he personally sawed them into quarters and tossed them in the East River.
Dr: You know you may be onto something there RR, he does seem to drift into delusional nuttiness alot, this could be from all those hideous murders you say he did.
RR: Right, and I'm the one who figured that out before you, You know I bet he succumbs to delusions because you medicate him too damm much, I bet he watches endless CNN STORIES from Wolf Blitzer about the KATRINA Floods, and it just makes him go crazy.
Dr: Oh brilliant deduction RR! I'm the one with DR in front of his name.
INTERRUPTION: (knock, knock) Dr its urgent you talk to Frank, his wife says he's suicidal, and that if he does'nt get to talk to Wolf Blitzer, the CNN Commie Jew guy then he's going to slit his throat.
RR: I knew it.
DR: ok now I know your just brilliant RR, now please leave now.
RR: later dude!
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