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Default Re: family values

Yo OC. I was wondering about your talk of values. As in people looking for them Do you find them under rocks? In dark alleys?How do we get values? Are they 'given' to us?
:-? Well the obvious answer is family ofcause our parents! Thats where i got my fundermental values from.But added to this one usually joins religious, civic or Political organisations to enhance these values do they not?.

It's interesting that during the Blitz in London the psychiatrists were all out of a job and the murder rate dropped to zilch.
It sound s like the rebirth of the common good among the masses.Something we could do with for sure in our self centred system.Basically we need to turn back from living in a system to living in a society once again!.Believe me it requires no such perverse idea of war to be achieved.

It simply requires the rebirth of the mixed capitalist society rather than a Laissez faire system.It would be similar to the capitalist economy Australia had in the 1950s under the old labour party of Ben chiefly we had better all round distribution of wealth and their was zero unemployemnt and low inflation.
You may wonder what the relevance of all this is to the topic of this thread.
Well you cannnot change the values in society until you change the the economic system all values, morality and otherwise spring from the mode of production Marx was right there!.

Once the Laissez faire anti human attitudes and ideologies are removed.A rebirth of conservative family values,preferably christian values can commence and the freaks and corruption can be put back where they and it belongs away from the light of day!.
Larouche has such a plan as he advocates National Bank with complete public shares and directors accountable directly to the public not the finance markets. Therefore obviously avoiding the Prvate money lender cartels. How many politicans or groups in Australia offer such policy zero not even Hanson.But the CEC(Citizens Eletoral council) has such a policy objective.That is one of the reasons iam supporting them.
So dont even mention Latham or Howard because neither of them would ever get my vote! :-?
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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