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Default Hello all.

My name is Drew J, but for purposes of this board, it is Drew_J. Alex Jones' flim 9-11: The Road To Tyranny of 2002 woke me up and inspired me to look into things more. I read Alex Jones, Henry Makow, David Icke, David Ray Griffin, David Duke, Texe Marrs, Fritz Springmeier, Paul Hellyer, Norman Finkelstein, William Guy Carr and a load of others.

My first taste of conspiracy came when I found out the truth of Kurt Cobain's death. If someone calls me a conspiracy theorist or a conspiracy nut or accuses me of wearing a tinfoil hat, I consider it a badge of honour.

I used to be an atheist (there is no god) but now I'm thinking that we may not be alone in the universe. Why is revelations slowly being fulfilled, is one of the things I've had to honestly ask myself.

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