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Default Instant Truth & Moore's omission & Estonia


I agree that if Moore would've gone full tilt he would've been unplugged, so to speak.

BUT the crux of the matter is to put two and two together at the same time, not put 'two' on the breakfast table and let it sit there for a year and then put another 'two' next to it, wait for, say, ANOTHER year and THEN start thinking about MAYBE adding the two 'twos' up, eventually.

Who knows, maybe his math is so bad he would add it up all wrong and get 3.67.

The point I'm trying to make is that ALL information is out there, right? I mean, we wouldn't be able to discuss these matters if we couldn't get hold of the information, right?
So what the lamestream media always has done is to give out isolated, tiny snippets of truth, (diluted with massive amounts of lies over long periods of time) - totally unconnected, but refrained from ADDING THEM UP.
The devastating impact of The Truth is only achievable if ALL the figures are presented while the issue is still hot, and ADDED UP right in front of the public.

As an example, look at the biggest maritime "natural catastrophe" since the Titanic: The Estonia. I don't know how familiar you are with the case.

28th September 1994, 852 people died when the ferry between Estonia and Sweden capsised and sank. A lot of so-called "conspiracy theories" sprang up as to why it sank; if it was sabotage; if there was secret miltary equipment onboard etc.

Now, TEN YEARS LATER, the lamestream media actually makes an investigative report and finds damning evidence that there WAS a coverup, there WAS secret military equipment onboard and the Customs in Sweden DID know and were ORDERED NOT to search a number of particular cars and vans.

What hasn't been addressed, which is the MOST crucial point, is the technical evidence of bomb blasts in the hull, along with witness reports of sounds of explosions!

In the TV report this question was asked of the man who after ten years couldn't live with being silent:

"What do you think would've happened if the general public would've found out THEN that there might have been secret shipments of military equipment onboard a civilian passenger ferry?"



Finding out ten years later - what happens?

You see my point?

Michael Moore is very cute, but in his new doumentary on Big Pharma I'll bet you my right arm he won't mention the poisoning of the young with drugs in America, that led to the Columbine shootings.
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