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With regards Kobains heroine habit and the debate on whether he could have blown his head off after injecting 225mg of said substance.

As I have injected my fair share of narcotics into the veins of Oncology and various other patients I feel qualified to comment. I have also worked with drug addicts.

2.5mg of Morphine I.V is a STANDARD dose for pain relief of a grown adult. Kobain had roughly 100 times that in his system.

With a heavy habit it is entirely possible he could have tolerated it.

The notion that it takes 30 seconds to a minute is a bit long. With I.V it is almost straight away...within 10 seconds or less. Hav'nt we all been asked to count to ten by our aneathatist before an Op?

My problem is that after that dose he would have had suicidal feelings AT ALL! In fact i'm sure he would have been quite content.

It's certainly possible he could have done it. I actually hav'nt seen it I might add.
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