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Default Re: Instant Truth & Moore's omission & Estonia

I agree with you.

We'll have to wait and see.

The truth comes out eventually.

We must remember how far we've come.

The truth of the Reichstag fire was known in related circles in the 60's. It's become common knowledge now as has Hitler dressing political prisoners in Polish uniforms and shooting them near a German radio tower and blaming an attack by Poland to justify war.

There were endless lies in the German press EXACTLY like it is now in the press with Iraq.

But we're onto it straight away!

Everywhere I go in Oz I find people who dont even know how to use the net are talking of all the lies used to justify war including the covert op that is 9-11.

Thats a long way from 50 years ago.

Thanks an awful lot to the net.

I live in hope.

Moore will definately be talking about SSRI's. If he does'nt then i'll conclude the perhaps obvious.

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