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Default Re: Has anyone here met Henry yet?

[To be read with "pirate" accent in mind]

"Aye, i 'glimpsed' him once. Twas a full moon and I was trapped amongst a wild band of Pagan/Illuminist Moon worshippers while wild mushroom picking. Illuminist to the left of me. Illuminists to the right. There was no way out for my fair Christian soul.

And then! A flash! A man, the size of a mountain! Shoulders, broad, like car axels. Hair a wild red and long like Solomons...and eyes, oh the eyes, a deep blue like the deep ocean.

With mighty blows he smote those devils back to Beazulbub himself. He was amongst them faster than 'W' at a bag of was over before I knew it. Red robes hung in the tree's, bloodied.

He demanded no thank you. Just tipped his hat and left.

So, aye. I've met him in a way. More glimpsed. Arggggggggg"
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