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Default Re: One-World Global Religion ???

I respect you all but you are so very confused.

Actually these Utopia's are not anything close to the NWO direction and do not contribute to that in any manner, except giving blind people a finger to point at what is wrong with the world. Wake up!

Telling you how to live and what to do when IS exactly the NWO and they created your religion. WAKE UP! The words of Christ are hardly at all retained in the Bible for they totally are against any "church" creation and all government structure. Wake up!

Anyone pushing hey these gays and these other religions are causing god to hate us group..these are the true servants of the NWO. Wake up! Those rules are not given by your God or the Christ in any form EVER. They are jewish
laws for etiquette from ancient serve the holy ruling class at the time 500BC.

Please wake up. Telling anyone how to live isnt anything to do with Christ or Buddha or any other true messenger of any true God. Their living their way does no harm to you and truly if your way is THE WAY, they will be compelled and drawn to follow you.. not put to the sword
and made to pretend they are like you or the zionist state has brain washed you to see this way!

Wake up! Controlling others IS the basis of the NWO and how you, even you are brain washed to think in such a way that controlling this way
is the answer. They have corrupted everything from the start.. we let our independent tribes and groups fall to "be protected" and then thru a series of famines and regimes we have been so brainwashed even for our freedom we look to their control mechanics and robbing others of their freedoms to get ours!

Wake up! Allowing all to be themselves as long as they harm none.. IS the way of the Christ and is all over his message. Even the sham bible that remains retains enough of this message for you to see it and be clear.

Remove the societal programming and fear and
condemnation programming you have had from
parents and priest alike who so did not know
or understand your God and the way of Love
who really were interested in your compliance
and being seen as good and acceptable by
those who look on you as an example of them.

Much more they were concerned with this than
your understanding and actually being "good"

Let others be.. anyone who attempts to control another is an agent of darkness, not light.

Let go the fear of chaos..your lord has shown
the way.. chaos as they make you fear every day of your life is not nearly darkness such as control. You feeble confused and arrogant man are NO one to tell others how and what they should do and believe.

If we just follow this simple edict none of these bs engineered wars would have been
AND the illuminati would be diddling themselves in their waste like they should be..instead of so very near whiping us and our promise of
true freedom AWAY!
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