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Default Re: Instant Truth & Moore's omission & Estonia

Yes I'll definately look that up.

There are alot of holes.

No event in history has been shrouded in more lies and deceit than WW2.

So many events not even mentioned.

Fletcher Prouty writes well on that subject.

As for Moore and Columbine I'm sure he will. Again if not, well i guess he's outed. Remember though, he does'nt want to be sued.

It's very easy to bag Moore. He mortgaged his house to make Roger and Me. Give him credit where credit's due. We're making headway.

The fact that SSUI's (it's actually selective seritonin 'uptake' inhibitor) are dangerous have been known from the start.

Any chemical fiddling with the brain especially with a vulnerable person is asking for it.

'Science' and scientists are so full of shit sometimes it's laughable.

If only people new how totally ignorent these specialists were they would be shocked.
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