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Default Re: Start your own conspiracy website

So youíre Satanís artist eh? Well, sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but Satan approached me with the job first. He saw my artwork and was greatly impressed. So, he approached me one afternoon. "Hey man, will you do some portraits and stuff for me? Ill pay you in gold and a thousand virgins". "NoĒ Says I. ďWe are mortal enemies, remember? I donít think a business partnership will work, Chester". "Alright, for one, stop calling me Chester, you arenít supposed to know that, and if word gets out, my reputation as the dark lord will be soiled. Secondly, who the begeebees will do my portrait? Cause I need it by Monday". Well, you could try Mr. Lineman (aka: _____ ), and the plus side is that you wont have to pay him". "Ok, but you know, its just not the same..."
(Satan half-heartedly flys away)
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