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Default Re: Number 33 and The Jewish Synagogue of Satan

eddie wrote:
Two hundred years ago, Governor Cornwallis said, “The US will bring
in the New World Order and its seat will be England.”
That would be novel LOL.

eddie wrote:
is the centre of the circle england?
Seeing as it is looking down on the top of the globe, no that would be the northern ice cap. England is actually on the line of the circle where the bottom vertical lines joins the centre cirlce.

eddie wrote:
what sort of leaves do we think they are?
They are no particular leave as such. It is imagery much similar to the leafed crowns of rome.

eddie wrote:
do the circle and lines mean anything?.5.8.
or just 4x 8 =32 and the last one? :-)
Cirlce means something is round, lines go from point A to point B.

Cirlce means infinite, line means beginning and end.

Circle means eternal, line means temporary.

It can mean what you want the same as you can see what you want in any symbol out there.
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