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Default Re: Why don`t the extraterrestrials help us?

well i'm going waayyyy out on a limb here , but i have a theory about aliens .

in the bible,when sodom and gommorah were destroyed, abraham had visitors ,which were described as angels. the sodomites wanted to have sex with them and lot ,abrahams nephew, took them into his house for the night . well ,when they were with abraham, he had some food prepared for them and they ate it . the point ? it's that these were angels,but they could take on a physical form . there are theories about the giants in the days before the flood and somewhat after( goliath,who was 6 cubits tall or 9 feet) being the resultant offspring of the fallen angels mating with human women .the point i'm making is that ,according to the bible,these evil spirits can also manifest themselves in physical form ,thus , the aliens .

with all the tv , films and books today featuring the paranormal , this shouldn't be that far to reach .

i think aliens are real, but not from another world ,at least not a physical world. i think they are part of the plan . and by the plan,i mean satan's plan,because all the people we keep talking about,the illuminated ones,the rulers of this world, are , knowingly or not,the agents of the devil .

how about that for a conspiracy theory ?
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